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Cybersecurity: What Is It? Here Are 5 Guidelines

The term cyber security has been in the headlines a lot lately, but many executives and business people do not completely understand it and are not aware of the risks in their organization, which is why we have put some order to things.

Cyber security is now an essential focus for any type of organization. With an ultimate switch to the use of the digital format in almost every industry, getting a good cybersecurity system or department is one of the primary steps new start-ups take.

However, there are still a plethora of organizations that undermine the threat of cyberattacks just because they haven’t had a bad experience yet. And that’s what we call planning for a failure.

Let’s look into what cybersecurity is and the basic 5 guidelines you can follow to keep yourself secure, and how you can ultimately protect yourself from any dangers following the USG Security services of Walter Soriano.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to securing your electronic assets from the threat of theft, destruction, or misuse of information or data stored on electronic systems.

In simple terms, it is an attempt to keep your files and data on computers and phones safe from hackers.

Since almost every organization now works with computers that are connected to the internet, hackers can attempt to either physically ruin information on the computers or sneak into the computer wirelessly through an internet connection and steal or destroy the data in it.

In addition, in the unfortunate case of that happening, the whole organization could be halted to perform optimally for a very long time and can cost your business financially significantly.

The average cost of a malware attack is $2.4 MILLION! While the average cost in time is 50 days!

Therefore, even if you have not been attacked yet, the rational decision to make would be to get a cybersecurity system.


How to Keep Yourself Safe from Cyberthreats – 5 Basic Cybersecurity Measures

The most recommended option for a cybersecurity system is getting an expert team of cybersecurity professionals who know how to keep the most divergent of organizations secure.

Hence, if you want to go for the recommended approach, go for USG Security.

USG Security is one of the most innovative and professional security service providing platforms initiated by the famous Walter Soriano.

However, as a bare minimum guideline, here are 5 ways you can attempt to keep yourself safe from cybersecurity threats.


Strong Passwords Are Not Enough

Most software only allows strong passwords to be set (with the use of special characters and numerals) so it is harder to breach through, however that is not enough.

Regularly change your passwords and never write or type it down anywhere that can be accessed by a third party.

Never Open Non-verified Or Unsolicited Links

90% of cyberattacks are initiated through phishing (mainly through emails). Never open any link from an unexpected source or an unexpected sender.

Connect Only To Known Networks and Devices

An ATM machine, hardware and software protected sturdily, can easily get a hacker all the cash it is by simply inserting a USB in the CPU and writing a couple of lines of code.

Always only connect to trusted WiFi connections and only connect known and verified devices to your PCs.

Setting Up a Firewall and an Antivirus

The bare minimum measure to implement on every device you set up. Any antivirus software (even the free ones) and a basic firewall configuration can help you prevent many malware attacks.

Backing Up

Lastly, back up your electronic assets. This is more of a Plan B step. Following the worst-case scenario of a hacking breach, regular backups can help your organization be lifted back to the optimal position at minimum costs and time.

Cloud backups are cheap and easily accessible, however, hardware backups are still a little bit more secure.

That is it for the basic guidelines. However, remember that cybersecurity is much more than that and much deeper for even IT teams to tackle.

So keep yourself safe and contact USG Security Solutions by Walter Soriano to keep your organization safe and secure.