USG Security

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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”​

Benjamin Franklin

USG Security

USG Security was founded in 2010 by Walter Soriano, CEO and is based in central London.  The team is regularly employed on operations, research and asset tracing projects around the world. 

USG Security offers crisis management and litigation support, as well as a wide range of business intelligence services.   The company’s aim is to enhance or protect its clients’ personal and business interests, and to avoid or mitigate harm.

On numerous occasions, as a result of their investigatory work, either Walter Soriano or members of the USG Security team have testified in law courts and courts of arbitration in the UK and abroad as expert witnesses.  

Work and projects involving services such as business intelligence and asset tracing is always undertaken on the assumption that any evidence acquired will be presented in court.  Every precaution is taken therefore to ensure that all such evidence is legally sourced and complies with data protection regulations.

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