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“The celebrated USG Security, founded by Walter Soriano. Certainly one of the most influential of the boutique business intelligence structures”​


What we do

We help and protect you

USG Security provides a wide range of security, intelligence and investigation services to private and corporate clients in the UK and around the world.

We are known for the skills, advice and experience we bring to crisis management situations, and for the sophisticated litigation support we regularly provide to our clients and their lawyers in areas ranging from complex international commercial disputes to leading divorce cases to global asset tracing and recovery.

In every instance, our work is aimed at helping our clients to mitigate risks, avoid threats and prevent harm or loss.

We are proud of our proven track record and reputation for protecting our clients and their interests.  And we are proud of the contribution we have made in numerous legal cases where our investigatory work has provided the evidence or information necessary to resolve a dispute. 

We have worked in every kind of environment and we have a extensive experience handling all forms of risks and threats.

If anyone can help you, we can.

Walter Soriano – Founder and CEO of USG Security Ltd

We provide a wide range of essential services to private and corporate clients.

Litigation Support

USG Security is regularly engaged to advise and support leading lawyers in preparation for court cases or settlements.  This may include providing one or more of our core services such as investigation, asset tracing, security etc.

We have worked in many jurisdictions and our experts have regularly testified in court.

Crisis Management

USG Security helps individuals or companies to handle, contain, and resolve an emergency by ensuring that planned and coordinated steps are put in place.

With our global network, we can react swiftly to a crisis in almost any situation, anywhere.

Business Intelligence

USG Security provides companies with a wide range of services including, but not restricted to, investment due diligence, fraud protection and recovery, risk analysis, etc.

We have undertaken such work in countries across the globe.

Asset Tracing

USG Security’s team of asset tracers are specialists in this field and have worked in countless offshore financial centres to track and identify assets (and their ultimate owners) that our clients are seeking  to recover through the courts.


USG Security undertakes a wide variety of research and for a wide variety of reasons.  Research can be initiated by a private client for personal matters, or by a large corporation to protect or promote its business interests or to better understand its market sector.

We have conducted such investigations in numerous countries and in many languages., and our team is especially skilled in this field.

Forensic Auditing

USG Security assists our clients or their professional advisors in applying accounting methods to gather forensic evidence. This is either to determine whether harm was done or to obtain evidence for a case against an alleged wrongdoer.  What we are looking for usually is evidence of corruption, conflict of interest, bribery, asset misappropriation or financial fraud.


Led by Walter Soriano, USG Security has implemented and managed major security projects for large businesses and key sites, such as airports, manufacturing plants etc.

Except in special circumstances, we do not offer a personal protection service for individuals or their domestic properties.

We Provide the Answer

When you have a problem

Contact us if you or your business need help.  Lead by Walter Soriano, our team will provide you with expert advice and professional assistance in complete confidence.