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5 Open Source Cyber Security Tools | USG Security Guide

Cyber security tools are necessary to ensure that you have secure cyber access to your devices and the software you use daily. USG security and Walter Soriano will help you find the best open source cyber security tool that can get you the best cyber security for your devices. 

Walter Soriano being your consultant for your every need, will help you get the best available cyber security tool.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to the use of applications that help your devices from cyber attacks and getting unauthorised access to your devices. Cyber security is a crucial measure to ensure that the devices and applications you are using are safe from cyber attacks, hacks, viruses, and other types of malware. 

USG security, Walter Soriano has studied this subject with various researchers, modern trends, and development in this field, primarily the cyber security tool. 

Why Open Source Cyber Security Tools? Walter Soriano Guide

We have to discuss the importance of cyber security tools when it comes to cyber security. This guide is specially designed by USG security, Walter Soriano, for open source cyber security tools. 

Here a question arises, why to use open source cyber security tools when we have software and other devices that are more effective for cyber security but are not available sources. 

Here is the answer to that question, open-source cyber security tools are designed for people or organisations that want to customise the means for their use. Open source cyber security tools have an open framework that helps users customise the tools to make them more effective and adaptable to their devices. 

Open source cyber security tools are also available for changes, advancements, and development in the tool’s functionality. 

Open Source Cyber Security Tools To Use:

Choosing the best open source cyber security is complex as it depends upon several factors that help determine what suits you best. 

USG Security get you the five best open source cyber security tool for your needs based on our research for the best. 

Following are the five best cyber security tools to use:

  • Kali Linux.
  • KeePass.
  • Metasploit Framework.
  • Nikto.
  • Nmap.

These cyber security tools protect your devices from cyber attacks, malware, and cyber attacks. We will discuss the features of these open-source cyber security tools and how they can help you secure your devices. 

1. Kali Linux:

Kali Linux is the most popular and most used open-source cyber security tool. Kali Linux is an operating system that cyber security experts use. This tool is used for ethical hacking and other such purposes. 

If you are a cyber security expert, Kali Linux has to be the first thing you need to install on your device. 

2. KeePass:

Keypass is an open-source password manager that helps users secure their passwords and online access. Keepass is used to ensure that your passwords are safe and cannot be accessed through any unauthorised source. 

If you want to keep your passwords safe, use Keepass, which will help you secure your passwords from cyber-attacks and data breaches. 

3. Metasploit Framework:

Metasploit framework is another popular pen tool that will help you test the security vulnerability of your devices. The frameworks also help you detect any evasion to your cyberspace and also help you execute your attacks. 

Metasploit framework is a Ruby-based framework that allows users to execute exploit codes. If you need an open-source tool to do all the above features, go for this tool. 

4. Nikto:

Nikto is an open-source vulnerability tester that helps users seeking cyber security for their devices to test any leaks and vulnerable areas of their code. 

Cyber security experts widely use Nikto to test their devices for code and system weaknesses. 

5. Nmap:

Nmap is a widely used network scanning tool that helps users in security audits of large networks and small hosts. The software analyses security checks and the strength of devices to stand against cyber attacks and hack attempts. 

This open-source software is used by cyber security experts and people or organisations seeking cyber security for their devices and data. 

USG Security | Walter Soriano Guide For Open Source Cyber Security Tools:

Walter Soriano, through USG Security, helps you guide for the best open source cyber security tools to help you shelter against cyber attacks and hacks. These tools allow you to customise them for your best use and high effectiveness. 

We hope this guide will help you choose the best open source cyber security tools and why they are essential.